Episode 0061 (2012 Prophecy)

Episode 0061 (2012 Prophecy)

Recorded 1/15/2012

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Many thanks to everyone who called in or emailed this week, it really meant a lot to us. This show is usually meant to be fun and entertaining but real life and emotional depression got in the way this week. We learn that Cat and Paul are amazing people and really great friends. We also learn that Mike has issues to work thru and questions his ability to continue in this venture called Podcasting. However there was some good laughs woven in to this mouthwatering show.

Show Music – DMX: Good Girls, Bad Guys

Studio Sale – Alto L20 Mixer, Protools Box, Audio Technica AT20/20 Mic, Desktop Clamp on Mic Boom Stand, 2 Shure SM58, 2, Desktop Mic Stands, Voice Processor/Changer with 80 voice settings, Kenwood Reciever, 2 Kenwood Monitor Speakers, Sony Vaio (with Firewire for Protools), Compaq Desktop (for Skype), 2 Mic splitter boxes, KM Switch (to control both Computers with one Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard), 22 Inch Flat Screen, 4 Mic Cables, 6 Ground Loop Isolators, Wireless Bridge with 4 outputs), a shit ton of cables to hook it all up and many other extras.

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