Episode 0087 (South Philly Paul)

Episode 0087 (South Philly Paul)

Recorded 10/7/12

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This week’s interview is with OO co-host and the man behind the critically acclaimed show called the South Philly Paulcast. You know he’s talented, funny, humble and hilarious… now learn more about the man behind the voice in South Philly. There are many very interesting topics that Mike and Paul cover. This episode is the longest interview show to date, but once you listen you’ll know why. This is without a doubt one of the most real, honest and touching interviews you’ll ever hear. I loved every second of it and i’m sure you will too. You’ll finish this show with an even greater understanding of who Paul is and you’ll certainly respect this fine man more than you already do. To put it simply, thank you Paul, i’m honored that you opened up and shared things that you never have before. Happy Birthday my friend.

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Music: Stray Cats – Double Talking Baby

Paul D’Ambra: Get Back In The Cadillac


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