Episode 0090 (Hurricane Obnoxious)

Episode 0090 (Hurricane Obnoxious)

Recorded 10/28/12

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Happy Birthday Mom! Well the hurricane slowly approaching South Philly and then towards Reading so Mike told Paul to stay home and use Skype. It probably wasn’t his best idea ever. Mike tries to out do the obnoxious Hurricane by cutting everyone off with his singing, dancing and foolishness. Cat makes terrible costumes and Paul has some more Dude or Douchebags. Forgive the 15 mins in the middle of the show when Mike hit the wrong button to mute himself and everyone gets recorded on the same channel.

Next Show: Interview with Tomorrow. Eric Tomorrow, creator of The Mediocre Show joins Mike in studio.

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Music: 3OH!3 – Choke Chain

Bare Naked Ladies – The History of Everything

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