Episode 0092 (Catpeechino)

Episode 0092 (Catpeechino)

Recorded 11/11/12

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The crew talk about their past few weeks. Paul allegedly doesn’t sit down to pee but he does use the stall. Cat and her husband pumpkin chuckin, for real, like Kari Byron was there and everything. Mike does what he does best… he was Mike. Neil deGrasse Tyson teams up with the Man of Steel, Lots and I mean LOTS of bathroom talk, Sex Rig, Bat Wings, Sonic the Hedgetard, Bacon Bush, Dude or Douchbags, a new/old game called Fact of Fucktion, science talk, hedgehogs, and 2 songs round off this lengthy but very entertaining episode of OO.

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Neil Tyson, Man of Steel – www.geekosystem.com/neil-degrasse-tyson-found-krypton/

Show Music: Dope – Sex Machine

B.o.B. – Raybans

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