Episode 0094 (Snatch Sack)

Episode 0094 (Snatch Sack)

Recorded 11/25/12

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Mike, Cat and Paul discuss the long holiday weekend and some other things that are going on here of late. Some vmails and really kind emails were shared. Dude or Douchebags, first time caller Andre from Michigan, briefly discussed Science topics and an interesting look into real life, off show arguments between Mike and Cat. I can’t remember much about this show but I know I enjoyed it. Thanks to you all for your support and Paul who endured 4 hours of stand still traffic on the way to the studio after a tractor trailer overturned on the PA Turnpike.

Next show, on 12/2 Mike sits down for an interview with the one and only Wild Card, Shannon Barnson.

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Music: LogicOne – McGillicutty

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