Episode 0096 (Kat Martin)

Episode 0096 (Kat Martin)

Recorded 12/8/12

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One of Mike’s favorite artists, Kat from katmartinartist.com joins him for a cultured and more feminine interview. Learn about who she is, a little insider information about her marriage with Jimmy Martin and most importantly what she does and why you should really pick up some of her work for your love ones this holiday season. Seriously, they will love you forever. She’s a pretty bad ass lady, you’ll definitely enjoy this. I do apologize to you wondeful people and Kat for the change in audio quality in this episode. I had some major Protools issues and I will resolve it.

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Kat Martin Artist – www.katmartinartist.com/

Twitter – @KatMartinArtist

Facebook – www.facebook.com/katmartinartist

Music: The Nightmare Before Christmas – What’s This?

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