Episode 00103 (John Hatton)

Episode 00103 (John Hatton)

Recorded 1/5/13

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If you want to hear a very interesting interview with one of the most talented, unique and kind men on the planet then look no further. Mike and Paul sit down with world renowned musician and stand up bassists, John Hatton. This was a great treat that we will not so forget!

Next interview is Sunday, January 13th with Tha Mike Pilot. Listener and friend Mr Miah will be performing the interviewing, what a guy.

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Facebook – www.facebook.com/johnnyspazzhatton

Music: I Saw The Light and Racing With The Devil – www.johnnyhatton.com/



John said if you contact him on facebook and buy and album he’ll send you a signed copy for $15! That’s a sound financial decision. Do yourself a favor, support John and LOVE his music.

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