Episode 00104 (Clusterfuck Of Disjointedness)

Episode 00104 (Clusterfuck Of Disjointedness)

Recorded 1/6/13

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Dearest John Q Listeners,

Thank you for all your love and support over the years. We all feel that we have gotten too lazy and complacent with our show. After this most recent clusterfuck of disjointedness, we have talked and decided to work harder and spend more time planning a top quality show for you.

Sometimes you get into certain routines and it’s hard to change. I know personally I won’t be such a dick to Cat and Paul. It’s funny to me, maybe it’s not to them or you. I realized after some heaving thinking all night that I chastised you all on this very show for not being more involved but I believe that blame lies solely on us. We’re not giving you anything thought provoking enough or different that would give you that drive to contact us. Even though I was in a decent mood and mostly not serious of the things I said in this episode, I must be a man and concede to the fact that I am just as much to blame.

So, here is the unedited, unadjusted most recent episode. Thank you all again for your support and for listening to us. I still love this show, I just allowed to let things be and not lean on my co-host for ideas. Going forward in between shows we will be talking daily of topics and segments for each new show. We will hopefully be mixing some stuff up and bringing you some other ideas that have been placed on the back burner. If there are things you’d like to see more of, added, you dislike or just want to generally comment on this that you are reading now, please contact us at orgasm@obviouslyoblivious.com, our facebook page or 206-888-6052.

We really do love your interaction, you all bring out the best in us, which leads to a show that would have never have been. You are just as important to us as we are to you.

Cat is now promoted to the Communications and Science Officer. Paul has also been promoted to Lord of the Guides. I have been demoted to Jesus of Oblivious, I need my co-hosts to help, I chose them because they are more than I allow them to be. I always ask them to be professional or step it up but I don’t even let them talk. I wish I could be a better man, entertainer and host for you all, the one you deserve. I will do my very best to bring this show back to the greatness I was once very proud of.

I am sorry to you all and to Cat and Paul as well. I hope you let us know what you think and I look forward to an entertaining show in 2013.


Next interview is Sunday, January 13th with Tha Mike Pilot. Listener and friend Mr Miah will be performing the interviewing, what a guy.

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