Episode 00106 (Flaids)

Episode 00106 (Flaids)

Recorded 1/20/13

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On this episode Mike and Paul discuss the future of Double O with long time listener and all around good dude Cuz Will in studio. Our Cat is out of the bag and out of curiosity for podcraftery. We bid her a fair adieu. Paul serves up some possible new segment ideas while mike tweaks them just right. Cuz Will offers some solid focus group observations very much appreciated. Mike also promises to moderate his assholery just enough to still keep you laughing. It’s a new dawn for Obviously Oblivious. Hang with us while we figure out how we intend to make you want to listen.

Next show, on 1/27 an interview with Alex (the tattooist) Miller

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Music: Taki76 and Onedependant – Feel My Pain

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