Episode 00109 (Nate The Beard)

Episode 00109 (Nate The Beard)

Recorded 2/17/13

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I’ll never lie to you John Q Listeners… I have spent over 12 hours editing this show to release to you. This week Nate The Beard of Mediocre Show fame joined me and Paul in the studio. The problem is his mic recorded horrible static and almost inaudible-ness for the entire show. So what to do? Well you suck it up and spend every free second of your day for 2 days optimizing every word to make the show worthy of your very special earbutts. I have left a small sample of how his track recorded after the outro song. Take a listen and you be the judge if the time spent was worth it. If it was, how about an email, iTunes review or voicemail. In other news I also apologize to those waiting for the live stream to start. The line in port on the streaming computer suddenly stopped working and I will have it fixed before the next live show. In this episode Mike, Paul and Nate discuss his long lost sister, what he does, his thoughts on two faced listeners and they play voicemails and talk about their highs and lows of the week.

Don’t forget to join us in the chat and/or call in (484-334-2072) on our next LIVE show, Sunday, March 3rd LIVE at 7pm EST on the Mediocre Radio Network, with special guest Charity Cherri Chokehold Mack from the Hello Sweetie Podcast. Imagine an all female GeekShow, that’s Hello Sweetie! As an added bonus we’ll also be talking to Comedian and Podcaster Jim Willig from the Big And Loud Podcast. Look forward to this double release!

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Music: Barenaked Ladies – It’s All Been Done

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