Episode 00114 (Mike Pilot Part 1)

Episode 00114 (Mike Pilot Part 1)

Recorded 3/10/13

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Part one of the EPIC 4 hour interview with Tha Mike Pilot. Unedited, unabashed, unaltered and  Mike in the audio equivalent of full frontal. Two great interviewers were used in the making of this recording, one is an intelligent and beautiful young lady and the other is South Philly Paul. You asked for it, well you got it!


Quinton’s Favorite Moment – “i’m still fucking talking”


Will’s Favorite Moment – Mike going off about Matt I don’t know if it’s the show after the Philly live show.


Nate The Beard’s Favorite Moment – I think mike’s exchanges with Matt at the live show at Philly Live.


Futzer’s Favorite Moment – Sugar mommery when he passes out laughing.


Mos Mom’s Favorite Moment – The yin & yang of Mike Pilot is easily my favorite of his endless qualities and quirks. The way he can simultaneously be surly, and then sweet, is a true gift. At first you think, “damn, this dude is a total dick.” Then you listen more, and soon you begin to understand that the surliness (an act at times, but not always) is only one side of his personality. There’s that sweet side that is as constant, but always genuine, as the surly side. This sweet & sour persona affords him the ability to say whatever he wants, to whom ever he wants, whenever he wants; with no apologies. Admit it, we all wish we could get away with this shit. The lucky bastard!


Trailerized’s Favorite Moment – Any time he used to do Steve the brave is one. Another is something he does all the time, make racial comments to get a reaction outta whoever is listening.


Scott The Pool Boy’s Favorite Moment – My favorite stuff would be the making of the OO Halloween episode (31.5). I think an intro could be the part where he’s singing over Cat in the same episode.


Renzo’s Favorite Moment – Episode 231 Sugar Mommery / Mike is my favorite Racist… kidding.


Brett @ Demonpack’s Favorite Moment – The story where the office internet goes out, he sets out to get it fixed and gets pulled over and has to explain all the items they found in his car.


Big Stephen’s Favorite Moment – Was when i made his nose bleed from prank calling a guy. He also almost passed out. (TAW snacks, Mike has clip).


Next week, there is going to be a show. What it is, you’ll just have to wait and see.


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