Episode 00115 (Mike Pilot Part 2)

Episode 00115 (Mike Pilot Part 2)

Recorded 3/17/13

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Part two of the EPIC 4 hour interview with Tha Mike Pilot. Unedited, unabashed, unaltered and  Mike in the audio equivalent of full frontal. Two great interviewers were used in the making of this recording, one is an intelligent and beautiful young lady and the other is South Philly Paul. You asked for it, well you got it!


Kirsten’s Favorite Moment – When Mike called the massage guy who left a note on Hope’s car.


Burt The Stormtrooper’s Favorite Moment – The “I’M STILL FUCKING TALKING” moment on the Mediocre show.


Nenimlas’s Favorite Moment – When he nearly dies when he calls a gamestop as a kid looking for a pokemon game.


Matt from Chicago’s Favorite Moment – 1) Favorite mike moment is when him and hope were laughing about salty McGee on troys out of jail show. 2) any clips of prank phone calls mike did were hilarious.


Sheena’s Favorite Moment – My favorite Mike moment isn’t much of an intro clip. I am a nervous person and have extreme social anxiety. When I first met Mike he was so nice and relaxed. He welcomed me into his home and introduced me to his wonderful family without knowing much about me. He has this warm welcoming nature and I think that’s what people are really drawn to.


Dan Dizzle’s Favorite Moment – When he shuts up and let’s others talk, which hasn’t happened yet.


Blake aka DigitalNight’s Favorite Moment – From TAS: Anything from Mommy Jane. From Mediocre Show: I wasn’t around much for it until lately. Probably his first Drunksgiving.


Mack In Atlanta’s Favorite Moment – I love anytime he says ‘yoos’. I also like when pretends to get pissed off but isn’t.


Hendersonman’s Favorite Moment – When Mike went to bingo. And the Old hag claimed she won the Langerburger Basket, even though everyone ignored the guy he claimed it a number before. How angry he got at that woman was classic Mike.


Tommy The Duck’s Favorite Moment – Not really a single moment, but those Friday nights after the Awful Show chat was finished, when he would leave the room open for the night owls while he sat up til 4AM editing the greatest podcast of all time.


Sue In Phoenix’s Favorite Moment – Everything Mike does becomes a new favorite of mine.


Next week, there is going to be a show. What it is, you’ll just have to wait and see.


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