March 2010 archive

Episode 0022 (Donkey One)

Episode 0022 (Donkey One) Recorded 3/28/10 TS-341026.mp3 (Play Or Download This Episode!) This week we’re down a Dizzle. We talk about our jobs, How to Train your Dragon and the voicemails. Please to be enjoying the aftershow as well! Show Music: Billy Joel (featuring Tha Mike): Vienna Billy Joel: Allentown

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Episode 0021 (Garbage)

Episode 0021 (Garbage) Recorded 3/14/10 TS-333811.mp3 (Play Or Download This Episode!) Single player vs Multiplayer… Where do you stand on this debate? Also you’ll find out things in Cat’s past that make Mike and Dan rethink how they mess with her. Show Music: 8 Bit Boys: Controller Hog

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Episode 0020 (Progerian Mexican)

Episode 0020 (Progerian Mexican) Recorded 2/28/10 TS-328935.mp3 (Play Or Download This Episode!) Cat isn’t in a bad mood or bitchy for once. So Mike and Dan settle in this one nicely. Some talk of Aliens makes for an odd but interesting conversation. Show Music: 10CC: The Things We Do For Love

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