May 2010 archive

Episode 0025 (You Can’t Bleach A Black Hole)

Episode 0025 (You Can’t Bleach A Black Hole) Recorded 5/17/10 TS-358069.mp3 (Play Or Download This Episode!) Finally a show where we stick to a topic for the whole show… Mostly anyway. This week we continue our space travel conversation from the previous episode. This show is obviously very geeky. Show Music: Doc Awkward: Catch

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Episode 0024 (Cinco De Sith)

Episode 0024 (Cinco De Sith) Recorded 5/2/10 TS-352966.mp3 (Play Or Download This Episode!) Cat has big news, Dan shows up and Mike has a Wizard’s Staff. Random facts, space travel, vmails and POWERLifter round out this obviously adequate show. Blue Oyster Cult: Burnin’ For You POWERLIFTER: Buffalo

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