Joel HappyKpantsHour (co-host)

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A  podcaster who’s been broadcasting for nearly a decade now, Joel got his start on ‘The Awful Show’. He quickly got addicted to internet radio and has been talking non-stop ever since. After the ‘The Awful Show’ ended, he hooked up with the boys from the ‘The Undercover Unitards’ and stayed with them until that show ended.

Now days he can be found making a weekly 6 song musical mix tape, complete with his own personal musings thrown in on ‘The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour’. It’s a solo podcast that drops every Sunday evening., iTunes, and streaming on his blog at

Joining forces with his 3 former college roomates Mike, Pat and Josh, they form ’40 Going On 14′. A “nostalgiacast’ that celebrates growing older…. disgracefully. The guys spend each week discussing pop culture then and now and what it’s like turning into our parents. It’s released every Sunday evening, as well as broadcasting Saturday at noon on Geek Life Radio!, iTunes,, and

Finally, a show that was born out of manlove, comes ‘The Coffin Joe Cast’. A show where the sexiest Australian on the planet, Killa Willba joins Joel and a random 3rd co-host for complete and utter randomness. It’s a show that exists merely to enjoy spending time with good friends. Available every Sunday evening., iTunes, and

You can also find Joel, when he’s not podcasting, yammering on about random stuff on:

Joel lives just outside of Chicago with his wife (Amy), 2 kids (Juliana and Isaiah), 4 fish (Stampy, Ssundee, Gandalf and Hoover), 2 neurotic rabbits (Fluffy and Midnite) and 1 psychotic dog (Holly). He’s a writer, artist and musician who’ll try anything twice. He’s passionate about books, music, comic books and film. It’s also important to know that he has an unhealthy obsession with zombies, anything ‘Doctor Who’, Gordon Ramsay and the entire Rob Zombie filmography. Excelsior!

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